A Guide To Costa Brava Spain Property Market

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Thinking of buying or selling property in Costa Brava, Spain? Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful regions in Spain, which has a 3000-year old history. It was first discovered by the Greeks who set up an outpost there. The Greeks went on to set up a large colony here, the ruins of which can still be seen.


Costa Brava is today a famous tourism spot, visited by tourist from all over the world. What makes Costa Brava so unique is that it is not the same as say, Costa del Sol or Canary Islands. It is not as sunny as the rest of Spain. Summers can get hot in Costa Brava, but winters are cold as well.


But there is something about this region that is quintessentially Spanish. It does not have a large British expat community, but there are a plenty of French and Scandinavian nationals here, with most of them owning second homes of their own.


Costa Brava is a very cultural place, and it identifies itself with the Catalan culture. This means it’s okay to wear a Barcelona FC shirt here, but make sure you don’t get caught in your Real Madrid shirt!


Costa Brava is also quite well known for its cuisine. Some of the restaurants here, such as the El Celler de Can Roca in Girona are world famous. The people here are generally friendly and the place has a very cosmopolitan vibe about it.


The landscapes here are stunning. The region has a vast and largely unspoiled coastline and a lovely beach that stretches for 10 kilometres.

What’s also great about this region is that it is easily connected by flight to the UK and the rest of Spain. There are plenty of flights that fly to the Girona Airport from Barcelona, Paris and London. There’s even a train that connects Girona to Paris.


The property market in Costa Brava is not as over-developed as those elsewhere in Spain. That means prices don’t fall in the same manner in case of a slowdown as Costa del Sol, for example. So the market is much steadier than the other popular overseas property hotspots in the country.


The best properties in Costa Brava are located in the Golden Triangle. There are plenty of great Spanish villas to be found here. The town of Pals is hugely popular, as is the neighboring town of Begur. There are a couple of world-class golf courses here. So if you love golf, you will enjoy living here.


If you’re looking to sell property in Costa Brava, Spain fast, then you should be looking at Swedish and Norwegian buyers, as there’s a real interest in this part of the world from them. The climate in Costa Brava is much cooler than the rest of Spain, which is how Scandinavians like it.


There are also a plenty of German, British and French tourists who would love to get their hands on a second home in Costa Brava. There’s a lot of attraction about this place which is unmistakable.


Most of the apartments here cost between €150,000 and €250,000, while villas cost from €250,000 to €500,000. So there’s a lot of money to be made in Costa Brava real estate.


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