Advice And Tips For Brits Buying Property in France

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Are you planning to buy property in France online? Or do you want to sell your house in France quickly? Regardless, you should know that the buying and selling property in France is different from that in the UK. Let’s see how.

First, France operates with the notarial system. Public officials called as notaire are in charge of overseeing and documenting all real estate transactions in France. The notaire does not work for either the buyer or the seller, and they should not be confused with real estate lawyers.

So if you want someone to represent you in property transactions in France, you should certainly hire a lawyer for this purpose. Preferably, it should be someone with excellent command over both French and English and who is well-versed with real estate law in France. You shouldn’t find it difficult to find such a lawyer in France. Indeed, there are many British ex-pats who provide legal services in that country.

You should know that property purchase costs in France are much higher than that in the UK. You will have to pay a number of taxes, commissions and more.

You will also have to make a decision on whether to hire a local French estate agent or a UK estate agent specializing in the French property market for buying or selling property in France. Buying a French home is as much about finding the right location as it is about the property itself.


You should understand how real estate agents in France operate. Most French local real estate agents don’t do anything more than arrange for the viewing of the property and act as middlemen between the buyer and seller. They charge you as much as 5% to 7% of the value of the property for this.

That’s why you would be much better off hiring an overseas property specialist for buying or selling property in France. We take a keen interest in the process and take over the marketing aspect completely.

So you can trust us to market your property extensively with our investors and on the social media and property portals frequented by wealthy foreign investors from emerging nations such as Scandinavia, Australia, The US, China, Russia, and Brazil. Our global partners also attend international property shows and pitch your property directly to cash-rich overseas investors who might be interested.

Furthermore, if you are considering buying property in France, you should know that we have a network of agents in that country and are constantly in touch with hundreds of local estate agents at any point of time. So we will always have access to hundreds of great properties available at excellent prices. You can depend on us to get the dream home you’ve always wanted in France.

Finally, you should manage the relationship between the pound and the Euro to your advantage. Consider hiring a currency exchange company so that you get the best currency exchange rates when buying or selling property in France.


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