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If you want to sell property in Spain fast it depends on quite a number of different things. But first and foremost is good marketing by a good estate agent. Choose an agent who does not rely on sticking property on shop windows or their own website. You need to market into countries like Europe, Scandinavia, The US, China and Russia to get the most out of selling property in Spain fast. Price is also everything if you have neighbours selling price your property lower than theirs.




Clean the exterior of the property – remember first impressions last so if you can give the exterior a fresh coat of paint. Or at least clean the exterior walls and remove all stains. Having a clean exterior gives a great first impression. Make sure the exterior is covered in flowers and the grass is very well-kept. Get rid of any damaged plants and garbage. The exterior gives an indication of how well you take pride in the maintenance of the property. If a buyer sees an untidy exterior usually you have already lost the sale.




Get rid of any broken garden or patio furniture and replace with new clean outdoor furniture. If you cannot afford to do this paint the old furniture. You need to sell the property quickly so sell the exterior before the buyer even enters they will be intrigued at how well the exterior is kept. Always bring the buyers through the garden so they see the full extent of the exterior do not bring them through the garage into the living space.




Look at your Spanish property for sale as if you were the purchaser. Or get a neighbour or friend to do this for you as it is always good to have a non bias opinion. What do you or they feel when they first view your house and what needs improved upon.




Make the property look and feel as spacious as possible so if you need to get rid of any clutter or furniture that is blocking walking space. Any cardboard boxes you have for storage as a friend or neighbour can you store them until after the viewing is over.




Make the property look inviting and make it feel like a home. This means have good lighting throughout the property and have a few family photos on the shelves and flowers in every room throughout. Setting the table as if you are about to sit down for a meal with knives and forks and plates is always a good tip.




Arrange the furniture to show the space in each room. You want to give the buyer the impression that each room is in harmony with the other and give them good vision as to what they can do with the property once they have bought your property in Spain.




Make the property look as neutral as possible. Have a few family photos on the shelves but take away any religious or political artwork as these can put buyers from different cultures off. You need to show the Spanish property for sale to the buyer almost as if he or she was already in it. If they see cluttered walls it blocks their vision as to what they can do with the property.




Clean and paint everything to freshen the property up for viewing. Clean as if you were to move clean the closets out to show space. Clean the garage out to show it as another room. Paint the walls in every room to freshen the property up. Try to stick to creams and whites as these are neutral. The more neutral the colour on the wall the more space the property has to the buyer.




We hope these tips help you sell your property in Spain quickly.




If you want to sell a property in Spain fast contact us today as we have helped clients sell very quickly over the years.


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