How To Advertise Market and Sell Overseas Property To Cash Investors

If you want to sell your overseas property quickly, then the best way to do it is to market it to cash-rich overseas buyers. Ideally, you will want to be given an all-cash deal for your home, so that you can get it off your hands and the money in your bank account as quickly as possible.


But it’s not easy to find cash-rich investors in the overseas property market. You can’t just wait for them to come to you; you should be proactive in your efforts to find them.

You should spare no effort in reaching out to cash-rich overseas buyers, but how? Follow the tips given here for more how to attract cash-rich buyers to your property.


Tip #1: Hire an overseas property specialist – Your best chance of being able to get the property off your hands quickly is to hire a top-notch estate agent, preferably someone who specializes in buying and selling overseas property.


You will want an agent who has excellent relationships with a number of cash-rich overseas buyers from emerging nations such as China, Russia, Brazil, and India, as well as from the Middle East.


They should have a large agent network from which you can benefit from, and should be skilled at various online marketing techniques such as pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, etc.


They should market not just on Facebook, but also on Chinese and Russian social media. For example, you should ask your estate agent whether they do any marketing on WeChat, which is the #1 Chinese social media site.



Tip #2: Attend international property shows and exhibitions – International property shows and exhibitions are where you will meet many sophisticated cash-rich investors. Most of the participants in such shows are deadly serious and they know what they are after. They are eager to find the right deals and don’t hesitate in making a bid straightaway if you have the right offer for them. There is every chance that you will be able to make a sale at such property shows. If you cannot attend them yourself, hire an estate agent who will do so on your behalf.



Tip #3: Online Marketing – Make use of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to get fast results and land a buyer for the property in a quick time. Also, participate in Chinese and Russian social media sites and online forums. Post your ads in Chinese and Russian property portals. Hire an estate agent who is very skilled at online marketing for this purpose.



Tip #4: Hold a property auction – Cash-rich buyers love property auctions. They find auctions to be fun and exciting and enjoy making big bids when attending one. You will only get the most serious cash buyers at auctions, so there is every chance that you will be able to get the property off your hands. It is important that the auction should be overseen by a professional, so you should hire a highly-rated auctioneer for this purpose. It can be expensive, but it would be very much worth it.


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