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How To Sell Overseas Property Free

Selling your overseas property is not easy. The overseas property market is a very inefficient one, not to mention unregulated. So there is no telling how much you can really hope to get for your property, and how quickly you can get it off your hands.

Is there a way to sell your overseas property for free, without having to spend too much on the marketing and promotions? Yes, it is certainly possible, but it will take more time and may not always give you the results you seek.

You are always advised to hire an overseas property specialist, or a UK or Irish estate agent who specialises in buying or selling overseas property. This is your best chance of finding cash buyers from China, Russia or the Middle East and getting a great price for your property.

Of course, you have reasons for wanting to sell your overseas property for free. In that case, here are a few great tips to sell overseas property free.

Tip #1: Use social media marketing and other free online marketing techniques.
You don’t have to spend tons of money to promote your property. You can start by promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media sites to your network of friends and followers. Of course, your goal is to reach out to cash buyers from China, Russia, etc., so you should be active in Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern social networks as well.

It is a must to promote your overseas home on WeChat, which is the Chinese version of Facebook. Also, participate actively in online forums. This form of marketing takes time and effort, but if Lady Luck is in your favour, who knows, you may get a cash buyer who will take the property off your hands soon enough.

Tip #2: List the property in as many places as possible.
List the property in multiple places so that it gets discovered. But here’s what you should understand – houses are nothing more than a commodity. You should list your property in as many places as you can, but don’t just describe it in terms of square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You must separate your house from others on the market. Don’t make the listing generic. How do you do that? See the next point for more on this.

Tip #3: Sell the lifestyle.
The key to selling your overseas home is to sell the lifestyle. Remember, the wealthy buyers from China, Russia, and the Middle East, who want to buy your property are interested in the lifestyle, first and foremost. They want some relief from the rat race and lead a more relaxed and laid back life. Also, there is a certain prestige associated with buying an overseas property. This is what drives them to spend anything from 100,000 Euros to as much as $2.5 million Euros on an overseas home. So sell the lifestyle, and you might just get the great bid that you’re looking for.

So these are 3 simple tips to help you sell your overseas property for free. As we said earlier, your best chance of selling your overseas home quickly and to get a great price for is to hire an overseas property specialist. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help

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