Selling International Property? 5 Most Desirable Places For Investors

Is 2023 the right time to be selling overseas property? Perhaps it is – there is just too much uncertainty around the world. It’s better to sell your overseas property and move on.




Of course, there are many rich, highly sophisticated investors from Australia, China, Russia, USA, Scandinavia, UK, Ireland, and other European nations that smell an opportunity even in this situation.




These are the buyers you should be selling overseas property to. You can still get a good price for your overseas property, provided it’s based in the right country.




So which are the top overseas property destinations in 2023? Let’s find out.




#1: Spain


Spain remains a perennial favourite of all overseas property investors.  This is despite the uncertain political situation in that country.


Spain didn’t have a government for 9 months, and then we finally had a new Prime Minister in Mariano Rajoy in 2017. Rajoy was soon replaced by the leader of a minority party, the political turmoil in Spain continues.




Regardless, the Spanish economy is going well and the property market is back to how it was in the pre-crisis days of 2007. Spain is the safest haven for international investors from emerging nations such as China, Brazil and Russia who are looking to park their assets abroad.


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#2:  France.


France is clearly the top overseas property destination after Spain. It is home to a large expat community, especially from the UK, and the demand for properties in France is always high.




Also, it helps that France has a business-friendly new leader in Emmanuel Macron who has reassured international investors that their interests will be protected. That’s why foreign investors are now rushing to invest in France.




An average home in the beautiful French countryside costs £65,000 while an apartment in Paris costs from £120,000.




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#3: Portugal


Portugal is another country that has done very well recently. The property market here is flying, especially in Lisbon and the Algarve.




The Algarve is considered to be a cheaper but better version of the Costa del Sol of Spain. Lisbon is a very safe city with no crime whatsoever – great for families.




Portugal has a great climate, modern amenities, and lovely beaches. No wonder it’s so popular!




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#4: Italy


Italy is another European country that is going through a bit of a political and economic turmoil, but its property market remains as robust as ever. There is a lot of fascination for Italy among foreign investors.




Beautiful women, fast cars, high fashion, great wine and a relaxed lifestyle – what’s not to like?


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#5: Bulgaria.


Bulgaria is the surprise package of 2023 and figures for the first time in our top-5 of the best overseas property destinations.


Bulgaria of today is much different from the Bulgaria of the early 2000s. It is now a hub of tourism, and receives more than 8 million foreign tourists every year.




Properties in Bulgaria are available for a great price and property prices are expected to grow in double digits every year for at least the next 4 to 5 years.


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