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Selling Property in France Guide

Are you planning to sell your property in France quickly? Selling your property in France is not easy because there is a lot of bureaucracy that you will have to deal with. But there is no question that France is one of the most popular destinations in the overseas property market.


There is a huge demand for properties in France from wealthy investors from China, Russia, Germany, Ireland the US and Scandinavia. France is where everyone wants to be and of late, France has been able to get its politics just right.


The election of the center-right politician Emanuel Macron has been a very positive event for France. France was not affected in the same manner as the countries in Europe by the economic recession, but there was a worry that a Brexit-like event could happen in France – referred to as a Frexit if Marine Le Pen of the National Front won the Presidential race.


Fortunately for investors in the French property market, that did not happen. Now there is renewed confidence in France from homebuyers from across the world.


While Britons were the traditional buyers of French property, the attention has now shifted to Germans and Scandinavians, who now very actively involved in the French property market. Wealthy USA, Chinese, Russian, and Irish investors are also heavily involved. So, how to sell your house, apartment, or villa in France?


Follow this guide to selling property in France for more on how this works…

#1: To begin with hire an overseas property specialist who has contacts with the sort of cash-rich buyers from China, Russia, Scandinavia, Ireland, and Germany who are going to pay top price for your property.


A UK estate agent specializing in the overseas property will likely give you a much better sales price than a local estate agent based in France. They will have a much wider exposure and will have a large agent network across Europe and Asia, which they use to your benefit.


#2: Set the right price for the property. This can be tricky thing at first, but you should have a balance between pricing the property too high or pricing it too low. Nobody would buy your property at high prices – remember, we are talking about savvy investors here; and why would you bother to sell if you sell at low prices for little money? It’s not worth the trouble! Analyse the market and set the right price based on your research.


#3: Focus on online marketing. Online marketing is very important when you want to sell an overseas property. You have to promote the property on the social media, use pay-per-click advertising, and market it on international property portals where you are most likely to find buyers.


You must have attractive pictures taken of the property that present it in a positive light. You should also get a home survey done by a professional property inspector. You can depend on your UK estate agent to do this for you. Contact us to know more.


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