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For the last three years cash rich Russian buyers who are already residents of Europe have invested over a Billion euro in the Alicante region of Spain. So if you own a property in this region of Spain there has never been a better time to sell property in Spain. This is despite the ongoing battle between Ukraine and Russia.


Why is this you may ask? Well quite simply location is everything and one of the largest airports in Spain in Alicante means great access for buyers.


According to the Russian embassy there has been investment over 1 billion Euros in real estate in the Alicante region of Spain. And this is quite simply down to the good old location, location, location defining factor. Which makes the Alicante region of Spain one of the global hotspots for cash rich Russian investment.


This investment has boosted tourism in the region and helped improved the local economy by creating jobs in the tourism sector. For some reason the Russian citizens love this region of Spain. Some are golfers looking to buy near the golf complexes. Some just want to buy for lifestyle but all want to buy for better climates and they like to be able to step of a plane and be no further than a hour from their new property.


Spain is visited each year by more than 1.5 million cash rich and distinguished Russians and who want to invest in the country and re visit on many occasions. They tend to come for 8 to 15 nights much more than other visiting tourists of other nationalities. And each time they visit more and more leave having purchased a new property in the Alicante region.


From 2015 there have been direct flights to St Petersburg launched to Alicante which has seen many local businesses translate their web pages into Russian. And estate agents who go and take part in the property exhibitions in Moscow and St Petersburg are staying ahead of the game in the property market by selling direct to cash rich Russian buyers.


The Costa Blanca region has become one of the most popular destinations for Russian investment.


So if you want to sell a property in Spain direct to Russian investors contact us today to see how we can help.


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