Selling Your Overseas Property To Scandinavian Investors

Have you considered selling overseas property to Scandinavians? You should, for Scandinavians, especially Swedes and Norwegians, have emerged as the biggest buyers in the overseas property market in Europe.


Scandinavians are among the richest people on the planet and have high disposable incomes. They are always on the lookout for second homes or holiday homes elsewhere in Europe, somewhere warmer. The fact that the Swedish Kroner and the Norwegian Krone are stronger than ever helps; it gives them tremendous buying power.


They are also very honest and scrupulous buyers. They pay you on full and in cash and always stick to their word. They are never flaky and you can trust them completely. Indeed, you would be lucky to be selling overseas property to Scandinavians if you were to get the chance.


So where are the Scandinavians buying? Here’s a look at the top 4 overseas property destinations for Scandinavians.


#1: Spain


Spain appears to be the favourite destination of most Scandinavian buyers. They love spending the winter in Spain, where it is much warmer, rather than back home in Sweden or Norway. If you are familiar with the Scandinavian winter, you would know why. Spain offers an excellent quality of lifestyle. In Spain, Scandinavians prefer to buy properties outside of cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. They prefer to buy properties on the Costa Blanca, the Canary Islands, Costa del Sol, Balearic Islands and Andalucía.


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#2: France


France is a firm favourite with many Scandinavian buyers. They love the Gallic lifestyle, the warm sunlight, the mountains and the rolling hills and the charming French countryside.

Scandinavians prefer to buy properties in the south-west in regions such as the Dordogne, the Charente, and the Haute-Vienne. They also like Brittany (Cotes d’Armor) and Languedoc (Herault).


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#3: Cyprus


Cyprus has emerged as a top overseas property destination for Swedish and Norwegian buyers. Cyprus is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which has all the modern amenities you would expect and a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.

Scandinavians like the fact that the legal system in Cyprus is robust and they have excellent protection for property rights of foreign investors. There is a large and growing Scandinavian community here.


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#4: Malta


Not a lot of people are familiar with the little island state of Malta. It is considered by many to be one of the best overseas property destinations in Europe. There is a large Scandinavian community here.

There are a plenty of jobs available in Malta, and most of the businesses are run by expats from Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia. Many Scandinavians run their online businesses using Malta as their base. Malta has low taxes, great quality of life and low cost of living and is perfect for the digital nomad lifestyle.


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