Thailand Top Overseas Property Destination

Are you considering selling property in Thailand?


There is every chance that you’re going to get an attractive price for selling overseas property in Thailand. Thailand is, after all, one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world.


The country attracts expats from not just the neighbouring countries of China, Japan and Hong Kong, but from the UK, USA, Russia, Australia, Ireland, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe as well.


Increasingly, more and more expats are buying property in Thailand. Thailand’s popularity as a tourist destination gives it a head start in the overseas property market.


We all know that Thailand has incredible natural beauty. The beaches of Thailand are unlike any in the world. Everyone knows about Bangkok and how it is the most happening city in the world. But Thailand is not just about Bangkok – some of the regions there, such as Phuket, have emerged as the hottest overseas property destinations in the world.


What has also helped is that Thai property developers have been aggressively promoting Thailand as a prime overseas property destination abroad. There is a real buzz about Thailand in property shows held across Europe, Russia and China. Everyone wants to own a piece of Thailand.


Also, the economic situation in Thailand is very good as of today. Even as many countries – such as South Africa – struggle with recession, Thailand marches forward.


We expect Thailand to register a decent GDP growth this year, and for the foreseeable future. A good and strong economy is always positive for the property market, no matter where you are.


The Thai government has been investing billions of dollars into developing the infrastructure. They have, for example, developed the MRT transit system, which is expected to transform public transport in Bangkok completely.


Many new railway lines are being built, which connect all regions in Thailand and Thailand to other countries such as Myanmar and Vietnam. There are a plenty of business opportunities in Thailand and Thai companies are hunting for talented and highly qualified foreign workers to manage their growing operations.


That’s why we have a number of Americans, Brits, Australians, Russians, Irish, Scandinavians and other Europeans who want to buy property in Thailand. Also, places like Phuket are a hit with digital nomads from around the world. It’s impossible to get a better lifestyle than the one you will get in Phuket and at such an affordable price at that!


But the real buyers of Thai property are the Chinese. That’s where the real demand for Thai properties is really coming from – from wealthy, high net worth Chinese buyers.


For many Chinese executives, Thailand is like a home away from home. Thailand is only a short flight away from China. The relationship between Thailand and China has always been strong. Culturally too, there are many similarities between Thailand and China.


But it’s not just about foreign buyers. Because of the rising disposable incomes in Thailand, we have a number of local Thais who are eager to buy pricey apartments, villas and condos in prime locations. That’s why this is as good a time as any to be selling property in Thailand.


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