The Best International Property Selling And Listing Websites for Foreign Buyers

After perusing the top international real estate websites to sell your property abroad fast, it’s obvious that property investment and ownership are no longer limited to one’s immediate vicinity. Many people see offshore business investments as a good way to diversify their portfolios or take advantage of the Golden Visa programmes that certain countries employ to entice foreign investment.


For obvious reasons, real estate companies are starting to accept overseas clientele, such as the average American looking to buy a second residence in the sun. Whether you’re a buyer, a private seller, or a real estate firm, you can find listings from all over the world on a number of fantastic websites. In addition, they make investigating overseas real estate much less of a scary prospect for first-time international buyers by providing useful instructions, suggestions, and information. Let’s check out these sites and talk about how vital they are. In order to reach potential buyers and investors all around the world, we advertise our homes on these and hundreds of other online marketplaces.


Get in touch with any of these sites below to reach foreign buyers privately


Prime Location

In its slogan, “The UK’s Prime Location” (UK’s Prime Location) boasts of being the best place to go online in the UK. They say they can help people in the middle to upper class find the home of their dreams. Their website attracts over 5 million unique visits every month, and they feature homes from over 60 countries, such as Bulgaria, France, Croatia, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Turkey, and other hotspot regions attracting buyers from all over the world.

They’ve been in business for 13 years and provide a wide variety of services in addition to real estate ads. In particular, we enjoy perusing the property inspiration section of their website, which provides a glimpse into the lavish lives of the ultra-rich. Listings for available real estate are laid out clearly, with a map, price range, description, and contact form all provided for the interested user to get more information. A list of agents’ phone numbers is included for quick communication.



When it comes to purchasing real estate in countries like Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy, Kyero is a global leader. Visitors from all over the world, including agents from all over the world, use this website to find and purchase real estate in one of those four European countries.


A Place in the Sun

More than 100,000 international homes are listed on A Place in the Sun, making it the go-to resource for those looking to buy or sell a home abroad. Search for your dream home and get in contact with estate agents, lawyers and other property professionals to kick-start your overseas property purchase.

Whether you’re searching for a bargain apartment in Spain, a chateau in France, a villa in Portugal or a property in Greece, Cyprus or somewhere further afield, we’ve got you covered! More than thirty countries are represented here, each with listings of real estate for sale. Apply the appropriate filter to your search to quickly zero in on the desired results.


Magnolia Property UK

If you want to sell your home without hiring an estate agent, you can use Magnolia Property, a worldwide private property sales portal. Since 2004, we have assisted thousands of property owners in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and the rest of the world in avoiding thousands of pounds in unnecessary agent costs.


Global Listings

Finally, we’ve reached an understanding: They say they have over 2 million listings in 96 different countries. The company’s declared purpose in the United States is to ease the meeting of homebuyers and sellers in a way that is efficient, simple, and smart. For real estate agents interested in tapping into the worldwide homeownership market, they present not just property listings but also real estate market news and market statistics. Single and bulk posts, application programming interface (API) data feeds, digital advertising, and media partnership programmes are all part of the repertory of offers. The most significant negative is that most advertisements for properties do not include any details on the agent. You send off an inquiry form and then patiently wait for a response.



World of Properties is another website that stands out by adhering to a code of ethics. They claim to work with international real estate organisations to promote property rights. Each broker is expected to maintain the highest standards of integrity and legal compliance at all times.

Visitors can conduct a search that narrows results by country, agency, or specific property. Over twenty different currencies are supported for listing pricing, with conversions updated in real time. In addition, they may view the profile to get in touch with the agent and browse their whole listing inventory, or use the built-in enquiry form to ask about any property.

Among the three most popular websites in Britain, this real estate portal only began in 2015. Spain, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, France, Portugal, the United States, Greece, Italy, and Australia are just a few of their most popular overseas locations, however listings are available for many more countries. Savills, Douglas and Gordon, Glen Tree Estate, and Knight Frank were all engaged in the original launch, so you may rest assured that it is a legitimate business. If you are a real estate investor or want to maximise your investment, you should read their blog for the latest news, ideas, and information on buying, selling, and renting.



Zoopla asserts expert knowledge of real estate pricing, and its professional website reflects that assertion. They’ve certainly put in the time and energy required to become one of the greatest property websites in the UK, with a particular emphasis on houses in foreign countries. They present over a million different possibilities, claiming that they know you’re looking for more than simply a place to call home.

Their foreign branch may have unsatisfied customers. Our research revealed that certain countries, like Georgia, displayed as little as two houses for sale, while others, like Turkey, France, Portugal, or Spain, showed as many as tens of thousands.


Rightmove Overseas

Rightmove, which bills itself as the “largest visited property website in the UK,” attempts to boost prospective homeowners’ self-assurance. The company’s first public offering occurred in 2006, and since then, it has expanded its focus beyond the sale of single-family residences to include the marketing of over 260,000 properties in 80 countries.

Private sellers, developers, and real estate agencies worldwide often utilise Rightmove as a first point of contact with potential buyers interested in acquiring property abroad or relocating to another country. If this is your first time buying property abroad, their country guides will be a great resource. They also cover topics like getting a mortgage, understanding local laws, and taking advantage of the current state of the currency market.


Esales International

Because there are so many entries on this Portal, they had to organise them geographically per country. Users can be classified as either consumers or agents in the services section. Any property, anywhere in the world, includes homes, businesses, land and buildings.

They are very good at keeping up with the latest technical trends. Their cloud computing infrastructure and data-driven advertising campaigns are examples of this. If you are seeking for a premium or luxury home, you have come to the right place. On the respective country sites, you may find a wide selection of real estate listings available for sale or lease. Specific properties can be searched for, and interesting ones can be saved for later. There is an option to narrow your search results to those homes that fall inside a specified price range. The site has recently seen an influx of both international brokers and private vendors. If you don’t find the ideal home today, check back tomorrow; more will likely have been added in the meanwhile.



Spot Blue

Our London office is home to Spot Blue International Property. If you are looking to buy land or property in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world, you can count on receiving first-rate assistance from them.

They opened their doors in 2003, initially focusing on the property market in Turkey before expanding to other nations like Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Portugal. Spot Blue is an award-winning business, as evidenced by the fact that major international publications and news networks routinely feature articles or segments featuring the company.

The Chinese real estate website Juwai Juwai ranks among the most popular in the world. It offers a variety of cutting-edge features that facilitate intellectual property deals across borders. Marketing is just one of several considerations for success in the real estate business. Access to educational opportunities is crucial. Our top picks for foreign real estate websites go above and beyond simply listing homes for sale since they offer a whole range of helpful services. Over half of all homebuyers now start their hunt online. The website you choose will depend on a number of factors, including its niche, property, size, and location. Do you have designs on a London, Berlin, or New York property? If you’re interested in learning about current property listings, visit this page.



Arkadia is an international real estate marketplace that streamlines the process of finding the perfect home.

More than 150 nations are represented on the real estate listings available through Browse their listings to find your dream house, or put your own property for sale right away! Houses for sale and rent all over the world can be found on They facilitate the home-buying process by linking potential buyers with a worldwide network of more than 10,000 real estate brokers and more than 120 million property listings. The website is designed to be user-friendly for visitors from all around the world. The website’s overarching goal is to act as a one-stop-shop for people looking to either invest in international markets or relocate to a new country. is here to assist you in relocating to a new country and finding a new location to call home there. It has the most property listings of any real estate website in the world.


Daft.Ie, with over 10 million monthly users, is the most popular Irish real estate search engine and the only one to offer listings in Northern Ireland and London. Real estate listings in the UK, including London, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. Apartments, houses, and other real estate in Dublin, Belfast, and London may be found on Daft. ie. Using AI-enhanced tools, provides superior customer service. is an Irish real estate website that boasts of being the country’s most popular property search engine. was purchased by the Irish Times in 2013 for around €110 million. Its website features listings from both real estate firms and private sellers advertising available properties. You would be stupid not to use, Ireland’s property search engine, whether you are looking for a home in Dublin, Cork, or Galway.



Feel like you need a vacation? Properstar is an online property directory that compiles the best houses from around the world and gives you the most up-to-date information on each one, making it easier to choose your ideal home. After launching in 2008, Properstar has rapidly become the go-to independent resource for individuals seeking out cutting-edge properties in any part of the world. You can use Properstar to look for homes for sale, apartments for rent, and other properties. You can narrow down your search by specifying a desired city, budget, and property type. The Properstar website has all you need to find a rental property, apartment, or vacation rental in the United Kingdom, Spain, or Italy. All the information you need to know about local houses and apartments for rent, as well as stunning photos of properties all around the world, may be found in the mobile app.


LuxuryEstate.Com is the premier online marketplace for the acquisition and sale of premium real estate throughout the world. There are more than 50 nations covered by the website’s property services, making it the most visited real estate website in the world. is a global real estate marketplace that features listings from more than 5,000 licenced agents and 5,000 properties located in every country. Whether you’re looking for a new place to call home or a lucrative business endeavour, the resources available on should make your search easier. is a great resource for those looking to purchase property abroad. Professional staff members are available to help you locate the appropriate property. is the best real estate website for buying and selling properties all around the world. With the assistance of their trained personnel, you might find your dream home in no time.


Mls.Com is a worldwide real estate portal that primarily targets the American consumer. is one of the most popular property search portals online.’s capacity to connect buyers and sellers in more than 170 countries and territories is unmatched in the real estate industry. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) website allows users to search for homes in any location, be it a specific city or state. Do you ever imagine yourself relaxing in your ideal home? Do you keep pins of your dream home on Pinterest? Have you ever daydreamed about the perfect place to raise a family? Then you should visit Learn how to utilise’s powerful search tools to locate your ideal residence.


Starting looking for a new place to call home is a great way to spend your time

Check out one of the aforementioned real estate portals if you’re in the market for a home on the international scene. Each ad will provide a map, a detailed description of the home, a price, and an enquiry form. However, as a global real estate broker, we believe it is just as important to pay attention to the estate broker as it is to the property itself.

Considering the size of the investment, it’s crucial that you find a broker who is looking out for your best interests. Get in touch with us right away if you want to buy property in a different nation. We are here to assist you with your real estate transaction if you have any queries or need any direction. You can also find apartments and villas for sale in a wide variety of other countries.


Helpful Addenda

Experts believe that in the near future, virtual property viewings will be the first stage in the home-buying process for most individuals. Keeping up with the rapid rate at which technology is revolutionising the world is difficult. Virtual reality (VR) technology could be useful for both buyers and sellers because it allows them to virtually tour a property without leaving their couch (or even their living room).


Here are a few other sites to Consider








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