Tips To Sell Luxury Real Estate Fast To Cash Investors

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If you’re looking to sell your luxury real estate quickly, there is nothing you would like better than to be offered an all-cash deal for the property. But cash investors are not easy to find, especially for luxury properties. After all, a luxury property costs $1 million or more.

So, how can you find cash investors for your luxury real estate? Well, to start with, you cannot wait for cash buyers to come to you. You must be proactive in your attempts to find cash buyers. Chase cash buyers wherever and whenever you can find them, metaphorically speaking. How do you do that? Here are a few pointers.

#1: Go to International Property Shows: A number of wealthy cash rich buyers interested in luxury real estate attend international property shows. They are armed with cash and willing to move fast. They are just looking for the right opportunity. So be proactive, introduce yourself at these shows to these buyers. They are eager to find deals and you have got a very special one for them. Make sure to inform them about the advantages of your luxury property.

#2: Hold a Property Auction: There’s nothing cash buyers like more than auctions. Auctions are exciting and a lot of fun for them. People are expected to have cash at an auction, so you can expect to get only cash buyers at them. The auction should be held by a professional, so you will have to spend some money at hiring a top-rated auctioneer, but it would be pretty much worth the expense.

#3: Start a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign – Google AdWords is the most powerful advertising network, leverage it well. AdWords can get you fast results and help land a buyer in quick time. You will need to focus on the keyword research for your PPC campaign; this can make all the difference to its success. So, hire an online marketing expert to help you out with this.

#4: Hire a Top Estate Agent – Your best chance of selling a luxury property is to hire a top real estate agent, preferably one who has a lot of expertise at buying and selling luxury properties across the world. You want an agent who has extensive ties with super rich buyers in emerging nations such as China, Russia, India, Brazil and the Middle East. You can benefit from their agent network and their network of websites and other online assets. Your agent should have a lot of experience at online marketing. He should know all about social media marketing – which means not just using Facebook Ads, but also marketing on WeChat, the top Chinese social media site.

#5: Tap Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors: Venture capitalists and angel investors are among the biggest buyers of luxury real estate. Many top investors seek to hedge the risk of putting millions of dollars into unproven start-ups by investing at least some money into luxury properties. This gives them the guaranteed long-term returns that they look for.

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