Cape Verde Property Market Looks Good

Cape Verde is one of the best holiday destinations located off the coast of North Africa that has somehow managed to keep away from the usual tourist trail.


Unfortunately not many people know about Cape Verde, which is surprising, as it has recently emerged as one of the best overseas property destinations in Africa. If you are going to be selling overseas property fast in Cape Verde, you will find the rest of the article interesting.


Generally most people head out to the popular Egyptian beach resort Sharm-el-Sheikh for their vacation. Sharm-el-Sheikh has been for long the top tourist destination in North Africa. Generally Egypt receives millions of foreign tourists every year. This time, though the flow has stopped for this reason.


So many foreign tourists have been looking for alternative destinations. Sharm-el-Sheikh is perhaps the perfect tourist destination, keeping this in mind. It remains bright and sunny for much of the year, has beautiful natural surroundings and the temperatures stay mild, never getting too hot or too cold.


The locals are warm and friendly people. The culture here is open and diverse and the lifestyle is decidedly relaxed and laid back.


Cape Verde is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has now become the most sought after overseas property destinations in North Africa, and is more than just a tourist hub.


There are a number of wealthy investors from emerging nations such as China and Russia who are very much interesting in buying properties here. There is a lot of talk about Cape Verde in Chinese property portals and social media sites frequented by overseas property hunters.


Many Russian newspapers and magazines have covered Cape Verde at length and there is a lot of interest about this archipelago in Russia. The beachside villas here are a hit with multi-millionaires from emerging countries who are eager to find a quality holiday home.


There is a strong demand for holiday homes in Cape Verde from German, British and Scandinavian buyers as well. Cape Verde is a stable democracy with a proper economy.


The political system here is very strong and this is a relief, especially at a time when there are political demonstrations and general disturbance in Greece, Turkey and other popular overseas property destinations.


Britons account for most of the property purchases made in Cape Verde by foreign buyers. Germans, Portuguese, Belgians and Italians have been big buyers as well.


Indeed, there is a real demand from upper middle class Portuguese buyers for beachside villas in Cape Verde. Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony for centuries and only got independence in the 1960s.


If you are interested in selling overseas property in Cape Verde quickly, you should get in touch with an overseas property agent who specialises in marketing the property to the most likely cash rich buyers from China, Russia and other emerging countries. This really does improve your chances of getting a good price for the property in as little time as possible.


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