Montenegro Overseas Property Market Investors

Are you looking to sell property in Montenegro fast? Montenegro is the hottest story in the overseas property market this year. There has been a real demand for homes, apartments and villas in Montenegro from wealthy investors from Russia, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and the UK.



The spectacular rise of Montenegro as an overseas property destination began in 2006, when it first became a free country. There has been a steady inflow of foreign investment into the region in the last 10-12 years. This is mainly because there are spectacular properties available for purchase in Montenegro for ridiculously low prices.


Also, most local real estate agents in Montenegro had been very eager to make a sale and were able to convince homeowners within the region to part with their homes for extremely low rates. This, of course, worked to the advantage of those who wanted to buy property in Montenegro online. Many of these investors were able to strike amazing bargains.


Where are the buyers coming from? Well, most of them are from Russia. Russian buyers have taken a liking to Montenegro, which is not far from Russia.


British buyers have also been involved in the Montenegro real estate market. Britons have always been the biggest investors in the overseas property market in Europe and across the world and they are among the biggest buyers of properties in Montenegro.


Recently, there have been buyers from France and Germany as well. German buyers have taken on from where Brits left off because of the uncertainty over Brexit.


There has also been a lot of interest from Asia, especially from China. The Chinese investment in the overseas property market was over $33 billion in 2016, and one expects at least a few million to have headed towards Montenegro.


Foreign buyers of properties in Montenegro tend to form their own communities. The Russians, for example, have formed a small Russian community in the areas around Budva and Sveti Stefan. British expats tend to congregate around the Montenegro coastal region along the Adriatic Sea, which is one of the most beautiful areas in the region.


Montenegro has been promoted extensively as a perfect destination for a holiday home with a great climate, varied landscape and unspoiled coastline.


There is absolutely no pollution in the region, the air and the water are as clean as it gets, and the mountains look majestic. The crime rate in the country is very low and expats who live here feel completely safe and secure. The locals are incredibly friendly and helpful.


There are certainly a plenty of good reasons to be buying property in Montenegro. As of now, it is a matter of marketing – getting Montenegro noticed by overseas property investors.


The government of Montenegro knows this and has taken an active interest in the overseas property market in the region and encourages investment from all countries. Indeed, it is hard to miss out on the adverts from the Montenegro government in international property shows held across Europe, Asia and North America.


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