Selling Cape Verde Property Trends

How do the buying and selling property trends for Cape Verde look like? Cape Verde is one of the most sought after overseas property destinations in Africa, besides being a hugely popular tourist hub.


It boasts of a picture perfect climate and stunning landscapes. Tourists love hanging out at the unspoiled beaches of Cape Verde, which are pristine and naturally beautiful. The archipelago has a warm and open culture, a relaxed lifestyle and a very friendly population. It’s just the perfect spot to have a summer vacation, or find a holiday home or retirement home.


There are a vast number of cash rich overseas buyers who have shown a lot of interest in buying properties in Cape Verde on online forums. There’s a real urgency to buy beachside villas here fast. The demand for holiday homes or retirement homes in Cape Verde is very high, with much of the rush coming from British buyers.


It also helps that Cape Verde is a very stable country with an open democracy. The rule of law is strict here and the political system is robust. Cape Verde was peaceful, even when the Middle East was burning during the Arab Spring of 2011.


Britons have always been in love with Cape Verde and account of over a quarter of the property purchases made by overseas buyers. Other Europeans such as Germans, Belgians and Italians have displayed a strong interest in properties here.


There are a number of Portuguese who buy beachside villas in Cape Verde. There is a strong connection between this archipelago and Portugal as Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony for hundreds of years before gaining independence in the mid-20th century.


There’s a lot of demand coming from cash rich buyers from emerging nations such as China and Russia as well. Wealthy Arabs are the other prominent investors in Cape Verde.


Cape Verde is often compared with another popular destination in Northern Africa, Sharm el-Sheikh of Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh was the site of a horrific terrorist attack in late 2015, when a Russian passenger plane was brought down by terrorists owning allegiance to the Islamic State or ISIS, killing more than 220 tourists onboard.


What does this mean for Cape Verde? It’s good news because tourists who would normally visit Sharm el-Sheikh would now rather spend their vacation in Cape Verde instead. This winter, we expect hundreds of thousands of tourists to make their way to Cape Verde. So the North African archipelago has definitely benefited from Sharm el-Sheikh’s turn of bad luck.


This has also helped the overseas property market in Cape Verde. It has been observed that the overseas property market is closely connected to tourism. There’s a huge demand for beachfront villas here, with a number of takers for the vacation rentals.


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