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Are you looking to sell property in Sicily, Italy online? Sicily is well known because of the popular movie Godfather starring Al Pacino, which was set here. It is also a promising overseas property destination.


Sicily is the biggest island in Italy, situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It has large beaches, lovely fishing villages and vast hills and mountains. Sicily even has an active volcano, believe it or not.


There’s a lot of history behind Sicily. It was first formed by Greeks who visited this part of Italy about 3000 years ago and set up a settlement here. Sicily then became a part of the Roman Empire. It was subsequently conquered by the Arabs in the Medieval Era.


Sicily has been ruled by several civilizations and nationalities. Normans, Germans, Spanish, Austrians and French, have all ruled Sicily at one point or another. So the island is a hodgepodge of several different cultures.


Why would anyone want to buy a home in Sicily? There are many reasons for this, but first, Sicily is different. It does not quite have the crowds or the traffic that one associates with most regions in Europe.


Of course, visitors to Sicily have a strong impression about the place from the Godfather movies. It has a very relaxed ambience about it and is a completely different world, entirely.


It’s full of sandy beaches, lovely coves and stunning landscapes. There is something unmistakably unique about Sicily. The Sicilian cuisine is really special. There is a lot of fresh sea food to be had, as well as local delicacies such as the il cannolo.


There are as many as 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites here, which are all stunning in their one ways. Mount Etna, the active volcano, is a must visit. The archaeological sites that carry ruins of so many different civilizations are a must-see as well.


So where are people buying properties for sale in Sicily, Italy? There are a plenty of beachfront villas and apartments, countryside family estates and more to be found in Sicily.


The cities of Palermo, Syracuse, Catania and Ragusa are small but delightful. Also very popular is the beach resort of Giardini Naxos. The beach town of Mondello is a great place to buy a second home.


The city of Agrigento is a sight to behold, nestled as it is, by hills on all sides. The town of Taormina is a popular tourist haunt as well. The neighbouring islands of the Aeolian Islands, Capo d’Orlando and the Pelagie Islands are lovely places to visit.


There are a plenty of cruise ships on the Mediterranean circuit that make their way to Sicily. The region has never quite managed to attract tourists and foreign investors in the same manner as Tuscany, but it has still held its own in the overseas property market.


One expects the interest from foreign investors to only increase in the near term future, as the fear about Sicily’s Mafiosi past starts to fade. Really, the crime rate in modern-day Sicily is quite low and there’s no reason for anyone to be scared of buying a second home here.


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