The Post Pandemic Overseas Property Boom

When the pandemic hit, many thought the property market would be devastated, but in many cases, the opposite has been the case.   The property market can be a funny old beast. Just when you think it’s bound to drop, it picks up pace once again. Such has been the case during this pandemic. Prophecies of doom and gloom proved to be unfounded. In many places, the market proved to be much more...

Selling Overseas Property To Chinese Investors

Are you planning to sell your overseas property fast? Normally, most people who are looking to sell their property abroad are of the opinion that their best chance of getting a great price is to attract a Chinese buyer as soon as possible.     But lately, it seems that getting a Chinese to buy your overseas property online may not be as easy as it used to be in the past. The reason for...

Selling Property in Cyprus To Golden Visa Investors

There is a big debate in Cyprus over the pros and cons of the Golden Visa scheme geared at encouraging non-EU nationals to invest in the country’s property market. If you are looking to sell your property in Cyprus fast , you should probably pay attention to what’s going on. We bring you all the details.   The Golden Visa program originally offered Cyprus citizenship to all foreigners who...

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